When Can I join DISC?

You can join DISC when you have passed your Skate UK Gold Badge.

What are the Club Fees?

The annual fee for joining Dundee Ice Skating Club is £240, which can also be split into three easy to manage payments of £85 payable on 1 April, 1 July and 1 October.

What are the benefits of being a club member?

As a club member, you can access ice on Wednesday (5.45-6.45) and Friday (4.45-6.15) evenings. Ice Coaching Elite also run Field moves lessons at a cost of £8 (payable to your coach) alongside these club sessions, at 4.45 on Wednesday and 6.15 on Friday.

Club membership also allows you to enter Open competitions as part of the Dundee team, our Annual Club Competition and Monthly Practice competitions.

You can take part in the Christmas show extravaganza!

Can I try before I join?

Of course! Simply speak to a committee member, normally found drinking tea in the cafe. You can try club up to three times for £7. After that if you are still not sure, pay £10 a session for access on to the ice.

Can I have lessons during club sessions?

Yes, these can be arranged separately and in private with your child's coach.

When do I get my Club Jacket?

Once you have paid your first Club instalment, you will be given a 50% voucher from a committee member which will allow you to purchase a club jacket from the shop at a discounted price of £20. If you grow out of your jacket, then you can trade in your old jacket, as long as it is in usable condition, for either a free hand-me-down jacket, or a further 50% off voucher.